Monday, February 08, 2010

1/144 Kawasaki P-2J - Fujimi (updates

improved picture (

Another blast from the past....

Previously avialable from 'Aeroclub' as a Resin Kit, and as a Plastic kit from 'Monochrome'.
Fujimi are now to release a P-2J bult by Kawasaki (under licence) based upon Lockheed P-2 / P-2V 'Neptune'

This is appears to be a prepainted, part-assembled kit.

The pricing and decription is a little strange on HWJapan
Individual Price: 1,900 Yen
6Pcs : 10,260 Yen - so is it sold as a set of 6x Pcs
(I only mention this due to the image with 5 + 2 bonus tail fins? - are they selectable decals or lotto options?)

Source: E-mail, KG144, Badger, HWJapan


Bruce said...

The Aeroclub kit is injected plastic with metal detail parts and vacform canopies. You get enough parts to make virtually any version from the original 3 turret bomber to the P2V7 with radar, MAD boom and aux jets. Still, and update would be really handy.

144hack said...

Am I seeing a painted canopy??

bluedonkey99 said...

dunno? The nose looks clear?
maybe its a "tint"?

rkmasu said...

I´m not P-2 just now I was check the versions...this P-2J is only used by Japan... have Turboengines and taller tail...
Damn.. I was thinking it was a P-2H... well when this one came out I will need see if can be mixed with Aeroclub parts... I want do the Camo version..used in Vietnam..

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know, if this model has been released yet?

bluedonkey99 said...

It has been and gone, it was delayed, and then released in October 2010. It then quickly sold out.

I would suggest emailing HWJapan, in the past I have found them to make the biggest effort in sourcing models that are out of stock, out of production, or otherwise difficult to get hold off. There is an email address on thier homepage. They will often come up with the goods after even if on back order (if you dont mind waiting)just provide as much info as you can!