Thursday, February 11, 2010

1/144 Heliborne Vol.4 - F-Toys (update 3+)

3x EH-101 / (Kawasaki MCH/CH-101 (license built))

- JMSDF MCH-101 (LightGray&White, for Minesweep/Cargo)
- JMSDF CH-101 (OD&Orange, for icebreaker "SHIRASE") - YouTube
- Military British RAF HC3(?) "Merlin"

3x KV-107 Japanese License Version of (Boeing Vertol 107 Kawasaki KV-107

- JGSDF (OD&Brown Camo, for Cargo)
- JASDF (White & Yellow, for Rescue)
- JMSDF (White & DeepBlue, for Minesweep)

3x Eurocoptor EC-145/ MBB-Kawasaki BK-117 (under License)
- BK117 (White with Red Line, for AeroAsahi "Doctor Heli")
- USArmy UH-72 (OD)
- Civil Rescue (German ADAC EC-145 Rescue)

Available: unkown (3-6 months?)
Price: Unkown (usual price?

Source: e-mail, and thanks to Morihachitoraya

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TonyG said...

Now on pre-order at HLJ

Definite must have. The RAF Merlin especially (wish there was an RN version).

The Japanese EH101 Shirase is pretty good. I have the Osprey in the same colours. Should look good together

If you haven't come across it its this one