Sunday, February 14, 2010

1/144 VF-111 Sundowners F-14 - FCM Decals

First the Goffy Conversions to make the perfect F-14 (Revell Kit), and now the decals to match!

FCM whose great work you have seen here before, is to produce the first in a series of decal sheets to cover the most famous F-14 Squadrons.

This volume covers the VF-111 "Sundowners", previous F-14 series covered VF-33 Starfighters and even Iranian F-14s!

These decals are designed for the 1/144 F-14 by Revell both the kits and decals should be easily obtained from the usual suppliers and most certainly in the UK, Hannants stock both Revell and FCM

As you can see there are enough decals to produce 6x differenct versions of this aircraft, so it is lucky that the Revell kits are so cheap!!!

Available: Late March 2010
Price: To be Confirmed

Further Distributors in US, EU and SA.


Anonymous said...

Starfighter Decals had had 1/144 decals available for VF-111 for years.

rkmasu said...

But this FCM decals are not Alps printed , they are traditional printed decals made at microscale USA
And have low and high vis versions as well Kittyhawk and Carl Vinson planes...