Monday, February 15, 2010

1/144 F-14 Conversion - Goffy Web Site updated!

Goffy Models of the Czech Replublic

Are producing a number of detailing/conversion kits for the 1/144 Revel F-14 Kits

These are mainly resin kits, with the exception of Set-1 which provides some photo etcehd detailing and decals.

Set 1 - Cockpit Detailing.
(new cockpit plus decal, entrance ladder, nose wheel bay, vacu canopy and photoetched parts)

Set 2 -Swing Wings (Variable Geomerty) replacement.
(new wing with extended slats and flaps, 4x new AIM-54 missiles with racks)

Set 3 - "Bomb Cat" conversion.
(for Revell F14D - new GBU bombs with racks, AIM-9 missiles with racks, Lantrin Pod, main wheel bay covers)

Available: 2010 Feburary (Now): Order Online Direct

Price: (direct order)
Set 1 - 12.5 euro
Set 2 - 8.4 euro
Set 3 - 8.2 euro

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Ant Sized Man said...

Got to get me that cockpit detail kit, been hoping for some photo-etch for 1/144 fighter available easily outside of japan.