Monday, February 08, 2010

1/144 BAC TSR-2 - Pit Road

Wonderfest (Winter) 2010
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1/144 BAC TSR-2 or TSR-2/MS (Statos 4) - Pit Road
It teases once again.....

Another year, another show, another Delay?

Strange; This year Pit-Road Shows:
Pit-Road show the BAC TSR-2

Previous Years
Pit-Road show the BAC TSR-2/MS aircraft from the Anime 4.

Will we see it this year? Will it be a kit or built (or, both - as per other recent Pit-Road Items?)

Source(s): e-mail, Fumi, HLJ & other

Previous Sightings: #1 HEre
ALso 1/144 TSR-2 Resin Kit by Wolfpack Designs available, or old Cafe Reo Special TSR-2


badger said...

TSR-2 is nice, but already covered twice.

This one, however, has my ears perked up and fairly interested. Price is a bit out of my league, but perhaps we can get these individually on ebay at a more reasonable price?

Can't see much detail from the above link. Hope they're nice little kits with lots of detail. The other choice is a difficult to find Aeroclub basic injection kit or the much harder to find Chrome resin kit, which used to sell for $75.

Fujimi kits, finished or unfinished, are always nice. This has potential to be a top notch kit.

bluedonkey99 said...

TSR-2 has been done,
if the quality matches the Wolfpack or better at a significantly reduced price it will still be sought, especially if some good aftermarket decals appear!?

Plently of "What if" potential

the P-2J looks like a prepainted semi built kit (for now!?)

I still kick myslef for not buying the monochrome P-2 whenitt came up on offer at Frieghtdogs!