Monday, February 01, 2010

1/144 AEC Matador Lorry (Truck) - Panzerdepot

Panzer Depot have released a new item for Feburary, the British AEC Matador Lorry (not truck, these are British remember!) One of the stalwarts of British softskins

They were used by the British pretty much through out the war and in most theatres of operation, certainly used by the British Army and Royal Airforce and would be surprised if they were not used by the Royal Navye as well?

These should be a welcom addtion to war gamers order of battles and for dioramas alike.

Avalable : Now (via Panzerdepot eShop)
Price $13.80

"AEC matador tows 3.7 inch gun, Caen, 7 August 1944."
Interestingly is it my eyes, or is the AEC Matador in the picture towing a German 88mm !!!?

As for the "white star", I believe that post D-Day it was not unusual for British vehicles to be marked with a white star, or white star within a white circle to aid identification of Allied invasion forces to stop "friendly fire" or "Blue on Blue" incidents!

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smeg1959 said...


I was about to reach the same conclusion re: what the Matador was towing until I checked out this site - The 3.7 inch bears a remarkable similar to the 88mm gun. The only thing that might sway the argument is a close-up or enlargement of the Wikipedia photo.

Good to see PD adding some trucks (they already have an Opel Mautier in the range). Just wish the items were a few dollars cheaper and I'd buy a swag.