Thursday, February 04, 2010

CGD diorama commission for DivisionPanzer144

CGD diorama commission for DivisionPanzer144

I thought you would like to see this build project, both for the ideas around it and the method and techniques possible in its construction.

A lot of thought has gone into this build to ensure the maximum flexibility in its usage and display capabilities. Additionally though has been given to maximising the variety of features without it looking too over cooked.

The design brief was to take the style of a previous build and expand this to a 77 x 32 cm base plate. Then there was a need to be able to show various model types in a range of scenarios.

Therefore we have naturally inspired mountains, tunnels, rivers and plateaus these are then overlayed with Bunkers, Platforms, Ramps, Roads, Bridges and Railways.... and, did I mention secret V-Weapons launch facility?

This will enable the display of WTM and armour etc, including the Dragon PanzerKorps railway items and Leopold(K5) guns, right upto the secret V-Weapons from Takara WOTL! and of course the CGD launch tower!!

Initially a few CAD drawings were created as the design was developed and discussed (this can be seen in the initial image set) this shows how the original picture evolved as extra features were added and refined.

Once it was felt that the design was suitable mature a physical mock up was produces and a photo taken, then this was "painted" to make it look more representative of the future model! Once agreed a full and proper ground plane was designed and the the build started for real!

There will be more updates to this build as time goes forward and I look forward to seeing it develop!

If it had been me, I might have been tempted to add an extra section at the front to cover the "edge" of an airfield or airbase, so I could sneak a few more planes in if needed - However, upon reflection that may have been too much and reduced the overall effect!?

Maybe it would just be as well to construct a separate diorama for that!? V-weapons and Airbase (perhaps with underground sections......!?)

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images used with permission of DivisionPanzer144


Russ Chmela said...

Fascinating subjects. Actually the diorama as they exist now could support some aircraft. Don't forget that some of Luft 46 included VTOL types such as Triebflugel, which would not need runway, just a clearing. Also there were a lot of air activities based on just woodland clearings and Autobahn sections, so a formal runway is just optional. Think of using natural cover versus hangars, and structures like culverts and tunnels for additional hiding spots for smaller craft. I like the attention to scenery in these designs, great use of what is already out there in railroading layouts. Thanks for posting these, gives me some ideas. Your idea about some underground components is well taken, I have built such for one of my airfield dio's but I'm still thinking of a best way to light it for both normal display and for good photography. Its easy to make a cave, but lights make it complete.

bluedonkey99 said...

Russ. Good point regarding the VTOL options .as for your underground lighting could u do install two sets of lighting one set of display or mood lighting and then some extra brightness by a second switchable circuit? Which ever route you take you will have issues if constrained to shooting inside a box!?