Monday, February 08, 2010

1/144 Ultra Hawk 001 - Hasegawa

Hasegawa remembers 1/144 exists and produces 'Ultra Seven' Sci-Fi Kit.
Not really a Wonderfest item, however it was only released 2010/Feb/01.
Although, I am not sure if this is 'New' or a 'Reissue'?

An interesting mulitpart kit, lots of Sci-Fi and 'What-If' potential.

Available: now
Price: 3,196 yen
Source: HWJapan

Now..., if only they could find that book on "Warbirds of the 20th Century!"

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Bruce said...

This is a reissue. Was around about 6-7 years ago IIRC. Kinda cool, but I've never seen the show so...meh.