Tuesday, February 09, 2010

WF2010(winter) Report via 8-Bee Blog

A nice summary of WF2010(w) Posts
  • Finemolds - "Millenium Falcon"
  • Cafereo/Algernon "Dive Bombers"
  • Pit Road "Eurofighter" & "TSR-2"
  • Also, various 'garage kit' manufacturer


Bruce said...

Oh boy, I hope the Sweet secret version of the Zero becomes available!

Nice Typhoon though. Meteors too.

Russ Chmela said...

Yup, and we will know when they have fully tapped the subject when they release a kit of the hollywood Zeke made from AT-6's. ;-) All my Snarkiness aside, I really admire everything Sweet makes. If I had to recommend a 144 kit to a builder of other scales to try and show our flag... Sweet!