Friday, February 19, 2010

1/144 Grumman OV-1 Mohawk for Miniwings

A hot preview for you!

A future Miniwings releases as mastered by the team behind Kampfflieger (#1, #2) and Peters Planes Gold Series (#1, #2).

Expect the Solid Resin Canopy to be replaced with a 'Vac-Form' Canopy in final version!

Flown by US Army, Argentian and Isreal in a numbre of Varinets, so some good scope for decals and maybe more than one version??

If you think this is not detailed enougth, then for $200,000 you can buy a real one >> here << !


Jack of all games said...

I followed the link for the Mohawk for sale and I had to laugh to find out it's right here in my town of Rockford, IL. Pretty cool.

On a totally unrelated note, Amigrand's Sci-fi section of their website appears to be gone. Everything else works but the links lead to Yahoo error pages. My guess would be that they received the dreaded 'cease & desist' letter from Lucasfilm. Either that, or Lucasfilm contacted their hosting directly and had them remove the pages.
Either way, it's too bad because they were making some beautiful models, albeit unlicensed ones.

badger said...

Looking forward to this one!

By the way, I got word that Anigrand received the cease and desist letter a few months ago, and had to put a stop to their overseas sales. Nostalgicplastic, for example, doesn't carry the SciFi kits any longer. On the Anigrand site, however, the SciFi link was functional up until just a few days ago. They have not updated the site for about 2 weeks though, which I hope is just a coincidence and not a sign of Lucas's lawyer's at work.

On a tangent, HLJ has some detailed pictures of the upcoming Fine Mold's Falcon:

I compared these to the Anigrand kit and they appear to be identical. I have a feeling that this kit was based on the Anigrand mold, yet selling for half of the price, without the headache of dealing with resin.

Still, here's hoping that Anigrand survives the Lucas battle, assuming that they're in trouble with them, and continues normal business.

bluedonkey99 said...

There is a lot of info on the Straship Modeller blog regarding Anigrand & The Lucas Lawyers.

as for the similarities between Anigrand and Fine mould they are either both researched from same sosruces, there is of course ltos of informaiton regarding this item.

and, lets not forget finemolds have had a very sucessful range in 1/72 and larger for some time (with the dreaded mandible issue!) and this is repeated in the finemolds 1/144 kit. Apparently this is less of a prolem in the Anigrand kit!? So, there may be a lot of overlap but they would appear to be different.

144hack said...

Nice surprise. Always thought Grumman had a way of rendering a shape all their own on some things.