Sunday, February 07, 2010

1/144 J-35J Drakken "Kazama" Area 88

As previously posted on this blog there was talk of a Area 88 J-35 Drakken
Here are the pics from the Pit-Road Hompage, I think you will agree its actually a nice looking pieces!?

due for sale at Wondefest as a show special (limted)

Price: 2000 Yen
Available: ?? Wondefest (Probably), Retail or Ebay (Maybe)


Anonymous said...

RE: Anigrand BONUS KITS!!!

Does anybody know what the new ones are on the MESSERSCHMIDT 390 that's coming out?????
If you do, and tell it, you will be rewarded in 1/144 heaven.
It's pretty good secret...also does anyone know of a place, site, blog, whatever, where the trading or buying/selling of BONUS kits goes on? I don't know if there is one, but I'd jump right in if there was!

Anonymous said...

Try. The following for bonus kits:

Yahoo small scale models

Did you mean ju-390 not me-390?