Sunday, February 28, 2010

1/144 German Neubaufahrzeug - by Panzer Depot

The next Panzer Depot release is the German Neubaufahrzeug!

No, not a paper project or a Panzer'46 but an early war attempt at a "heavy panzer", although now seem more as a "medium"?

Panzer Depot have produced this in two colour options PanzerGrey and DunkelGelb.
The Dunkelgelb is a bit of strange choice as this isunlikely to have been used, Panzer depot would have been better to go for the 1938-1939 colours including dark grey(75%) and the remainder with dark brown & dark green patches (see achtungpanzer)

Wiki article

Some further pictures from the Bundesarchiv can found ?? #1, #2 & #3 -

I like the 3rd one a lot - some good potential for a diorama, it is also interesting to see this factory scene with the variety of vehicles together.... mass production was not a strong point we can asssume!?

The other pictures are from the Norway Campaign, apparently not a huge sucess when it came to the implementaion of the "Blitzkrieg Tactics" as it was too big and too slow...

Although, as you can see it looked impressive on the Propaganda pictures!

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the vehicles after the Norway campaign? Anybody knows? Some say they were scrapped, but is it possible since the Germans employed a hodge podge of stuff for policing/anti-partisan etc. They even employed BT-7, t26, Somua etc!