Friday, February 05, 2010

2010 International Toy Fair Nuremberg (Nurnberg)

Some early news coming from the biggest toy and hobby fair in Europe! Kit List >> Here << - Mixed Scales Volker Hines Photo >> Here << - Mixed Scales Andreas Eckendorf Photo >> Here << - Mixed Scales
Prime Portal Photo >> Here << - Mixed Scales
Cyber modeller 2010-2011 Kit List >> Here << & >> Here << Mixed Scales (subject to change)


144hack said...

Doesn't look like we're getting more than a couple new items this year from the big boys. That Airfix 737 re-release is the 737-200 and I think it was definitely needed. I'm not finding it anywhere outside of Ebay. I threw down serious a couple times on sealed boxes but no prize...go figure. Was sure I "back-burnered" that T-43 project a little too long. This should take some pressure off the pricing.

bluedonkey99 said...

it also looks like academy will be issues a rang of Revell Kits, I dont know what that will mean in respect of pricing o alternative decals?

smeg1959 said...

Reissues, new decal sheets? Mmmm, not a lot to become enthused about, I'm afraid. Thank heavens for some of the Japanese manufacturers, as Revell, Academy, et al appear to be locked in a holding pattern dating back to the early days of 1/144 kits.

Topically, I was just reading an copy of Air International dating back to 1976. Whilst primarily dealing with "the real things", each AI issue had several pages devoted to modelling, complete with a page of colour profiles. The lead article in this particular issue concerned the popularity of WW2 subjects over other eras and referred to kit manufacturers acknowledging this in their ranges.

I wonder if that rule still holds because, if it does, these European kit producers don't seem to want to go beyond reissuing the WW2 "basics" that were first released yonks ago.

smeg1959 said...

Before someone picks me up on Academy (Korea) and Minicraft (US), perhaps I should have said "non-Japanese" instead of "European".