Saturday, February 06, 2010

1/144 Fi-103 (V-1) by Foxone

The Original Article
Pack Shot
Final Design

Early Protoypes and Design Stage:

Foxone has is bringing another kit to Wonderfest and then beyond!

Based upon a V-1 project Foxone started a number of years ago and which never reached maturity until recently.

The experiences of the Bf-108 and Ar-96 projects gave the skills and technolgy with which to remaster this item and now the evidence is here to see.

It is a detailed kit, and maybe some detailing is overly done? It does however make for a visually apealing and engaging kit.

Like the recent Miniwing Fi-103 V-1 kit there is one item in the box and you decide the display options. (see also KG144 #1, #2)

Decals appear to be provided and are reflective of the markings I saw on the V-1 at RAF Cosford.(check before travelling)

It will be available in limited numbers after WonderFest 2010
It is listed as costing : 1,500 Yen

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badger said...

I finally broke down and ordered two of their kits (Me108 & Arado) and I have to say that I'm very impressed with them. The Arado, particularly, has tons of detail and will make one great little bird. Clearly, a lot of attention and care was put into making these kits, which is reflected in the price. These are probably some of the best resin kits I've ever seen. They fall somewhere between the crispness of Wing144 and the detail of Takara's FAW.

Just one thing I observed, however: I'm not sure what kind of resin they use, but it appears to be translucent. The thinner sections are practically clear in some instances. Will definitely need to be primed before doing any work on these. But that's probably routine for resin anyway.

I highly recommend these little expensive kits!