Saturday, February 18, 2006

1/144 T-34 (2x types) Quick Repaint and Re-model?

Here are a couple of T-34's I have worked on, note the 2x types.
The one on the left "White 25" has additional external fuel tanks - there are from "Pendraken" in the UK and are meant for 10mm models so are probably around 10% smaller than they should be but I think they still work well and you would notice?
It makes alternative from just gluing any old barrels to the back of the tank an pretending there fuel tanks. These tanks have the correct mounting straps and fuel caps as part of the mold.
I have a couple more of these to finish, but maybe next week?


Anonymous said...

Vallejo has in their model air paints..a colour calle russian green the color you used?

bluedonkey99 said...

no I actually used 980 Black Green + drybrush with 836 London grey from their "Model Color" range - i dont use an airbrush