Tuesday, February 28, 2006

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L-4 (Nice Box!)

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L-4 (Nice Box!)


Anonymous said...

Yes, a nice art box..so you open..and find a Me-109F,so you open a second box..and find a Zero, and open..another box..well I wil need pray to get only the IL-2s and maybe 1 Gekko...hehehe...

bluedonkey99 said...

or aybe another 109... and then another.... oops, sorry got confused with the WOTL-3!

The IL-2 looks good, not sure about the camo??? have you seen any pictures with this elaborate multicolor camo? when I researched mine I could find .... White = winter and Green or Green/Brown.... nothing fancy.

The Gekko should be nice, I have a furuta gecko and that is quite nice - I may even buy a Bandai one!

what has surprised me is that the cost of the L3 range has not come down in price as compared to some of the earlier releases?

It was very easy to pick up cheap 190 D-9s, 109's even 262's... but the L3 still seem expsensive?

Anonymous said...

well I´m not Russian specialist.. I have pictures of model kits of IL-2..I will seach.


Do you known what will be released now in March in 1/144 area?