Thursday, February 23, 2006

1/144 Bandai EX-04/08?

There technically "Gundam" but I quite like the look of these flying craft, mind you I can not find them on the ususal sites but have seen some blogs with them on so they are obvisously out there somewhere.., never mind I still have many other items to attend too first!


wtmblogger said...

These were released long ago and these EX series I think normally released limited numbers. Get it if you can find one. I think I still have a in my garage and I also built a resin one. Let me take a picture for you later.

bluedonkey99 said...

they are shown on here as new releases or release? but maybe i understand it wrong?

wtmblogger said...

I think these are re-release. You can get 1 /100 & 1/144 in a box. I think I have more than one as I like the decal supplied.