Thursday, February 16, 2006

Radio / Radar Mast ?? 6 Inches / 150mm

This is an interesting item!
its meant to be for 6mm wargaming...., but at 6 inches it could quite well feature in you 10mm or 12mm war gaming and theirfore also useful in the 1/144, 1/150 & 1/160 n-Gauge modeling

The price isnt too bad? £5.50 or @$10-12?

They also do a range of 15mm items to go with the 6mm item range, I think a number of these items would work well with 1/144.

The pipe works will work on a number of levels and as a lot of this stuff is "future Sci-fi" it modernist or brutalist in stlye...

A bunker or block house tends to look the same regardless of age!?

Obviously you "Gundam" or "Robot" fans may even wish to stretch to some of the 25mm range!?

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