Thursday, February 23, 2006

1/144 Renault UE "Stuka Fuss" - SPICE Resin Kit

When the German blitzkrieg over ran the French Army and British Expeditionary Forces in France they obtained a large amount of tanks and vehicles.

Rather than just scrap these vehicles many were pressed into service sooner or later in the war.
Here is an example of a Renault UE scout tank/vehicle...

The germans often added PAK, Flak or Rockets to captured armour and used them in infantry support roles. It was often too dangerous to mix proper German armour and captured armour as in the heat of the battle accidents could happen, so where possible captured armour was not used near the panzer formations.

As well as this version of the Rocket renault, there was another type with smaller rackets mounted horizontally across the back of the wagon.

many examples of captured equipment feature on this site (which is also a useful reference site for modelling)

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