Friday, February 10, 2006

1/144 DORA Rail Gun for 2006 - $120 USD?

Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2005 - Nuremberg International Toyfair 2006

I think this is (a) planned for 2006, (b) planned to cost 99EU (USD$120)
but you should be getting a lot of plastic model for you money!!

The kit is to be provided by HELLER the French plastic model company, I wonder if we will see another version by trumpeterr or dragon???? anyway full points to the French company for being brave enough to produce this kit hopefully it brings strength to the 1/144 scale

thank you to the german IPMS society for providing these pictures for everyone, please check out their site! This exhibition is also linked to the hyperscale pages.

this story was also covered on

it is also much cheaper than the 1/144 resin ACI/Metal Troops resin edition at USD $550!

but then not as exspensive as the 1/144 yamato!!!

but look at the amazing detail!!!

maybe if I win the lottery!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice search... so heller will do a injected Dora... (of course will not have half of detail of resin kit..but will cost 1/5 of price...
Only drawback is ..will be hard to find here in my country and very expensive to buy ...

wtmblogger said...

Agreed. May be the only way is to order on-line. Then, another $50 for S&H as I think the box will be huge and heavy.