Monday, February 13, 2006

Popy 1/144 B-Club PanzerfrontResin Kits (Panzer'46) update!

HLJ is selling off the reissue of the B-Club Panzer Front series!!
this is despite only last month it being "Out of stock", now it's rereleased and being "cleareance stock!" --- these items are now being sold at 60% discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/144 German Tank E-79 (Panzer) - Resin Kit
1/144 German Tank Aureole (Jagdpanzer) - Resin Kit


dont forget this option (full price) - you could imagine some crazy scientist dreaming these up!?
1/144 Comet Empire Combat Tank Yamato (Starblazers)
1/144 Comet Empire Command Tank Yamato (Starblazers)

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