Monday, February 13, 2006

1/144 Dragon F117 Stealth Fighter Preview

The plane appears to be a preview of the Dragon F117 series, the cat is from a _sweet_ model kit! due or Japan release 15/03/2006?? - but if this is the facts where is the photo from??

漆黒のステルス F-117A NIGHT HAWK

a lot more interesting items on this guys website with regard to 1/144 Aircraft and Armour!

there is a rather cool looking F-14 "Black Bunny" here!


Anonymous said...

Strange..I saw some pics..of a F-22 Raptor in some preview pics.. The raptor would be a secret item?

bluedonkey99 said...


you are correct i think it will actually be a F117 & F22 series! the F22 does seem an strange addition! - if it is the secret they havent done a very good job of hiding it! - if you look at the post on the WTMBLOG it shows teh potential ang of items in the series