Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cafe Reo Dirorama "Coaster" bases!!?? (6cm×6cm)

Just found this item whilst looking at the CAFE REO site!
click the blue "next" Arrow - to see more examples!

They appear to be a range of miniture diorama bases for a range of purposes!
I can see imeadiately that some of these could be useful to the model maker.
There are land, sea, air, brick, desert, moon, road, sci-fi (gundam) and table cloth?

I think these could be used by a range of modellers from military modelers of 1/144
I think these also could be used by "figure" modellers as nice bases.

The bases are 6cm×6cm and cost 300 Yen
Available 9th February 2006? OR April 2006???

it is not clear if you can select the item you wish, or they are sold blind like gashapon?

further investigation would suggest that these are to be sold in two sets!
see here for more info:

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