Friday, February 03, 2006

1/144 (1/170?) ARII Space Tactics / ARII MACROSS Factory

Sorry there has not been much in th way of activity this week.

This partly due to nothing new to report and partly due to being busy on a number of issues.

However, I can now report on a new delviery I have had!
Those who keep an eye on the 1/144 Mini Armour Forum will now that last year I found an interesting set of 1/144 "Space Tactics" Kits made by Arii that came with Planes and A "factory" diorama!

Whilst the planes didnt interest me the dioramas did, this is because as I am sure you can see that they can be used as the scenery for many items, tanks, planes, missiles etc! further intrigued following on from "Fumi's" blog with the V2 Factory!

Well it would appear ARII was as little dishonest, the planes in the kits where 1/144 but the factory dioramas where actually 1/170 (maybe) !!! - how do I know this??? Well I have found another set kits that use the same diorama but contain MACROSS Robots items!! - these are branded at 1/170

I attach the original 1/144 ARII kits I purchased and the new MACROSS units, I havent yet had time to build these or photograph the MACROSS properly.... Where are those camera batteries when you need them!!!!

Please be assured I am working on some other projects for your entertainment!
Please keep coming back to review the site contents!

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