Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wonderfest 2006 - Winter (early report) WTM9

Wonderfest 2006 - Winter

some shots of WTM9 and a few other items, this page is still being prepared so check back for further updates.

Last year, this gentleman provided a large amount of information from his visit.
Please respect the pictures and his efforts.


The following links also give good wonderfest coverage (in english) but cover the whole festival not juut armour gashopone etc.... still well worth a look!

in Japanese 日本語


wtmblogger said...

Very nice links. The pictures of WTM09 look good. Thanks.

robert k said...

Now I´m happy in be a 1/144 collector... because if I was a Figure collector I will be totally crazy (and out of money too..)

bluedonkey99 said...

too right!! I can agree with that - I can happily cope with new tanks coming out every few months!

there seems to be new figures every day!

Also if I collected some of these figures and put them on display in the UK people would think I was odd (yes, even compared to tanks) and maybe end up in talks with the police or worse!!

some of those figures of the "young girls" might get you in trouble with the police outside of japan!???

Maybe japanese women are lucky and look younger for longer than western women!! (so the figures seem a little more risque than in japan?)

maybe we should go an live in Japan and enjoy the beautiful ladies?

robert k said...

Oh..is because you never walk in Shibuya or Shinjuku... so many young girls..and so many styles.. blonde japanese woman with blue or green eyes...and kogals...better stop here...hehehe..

wtmblogger said...

Yes, I have been there couple times, with my wife... ... So I was only looking for some toy shops. Hehe. BTW, there was a big yellow submarine shop in Shinjuku I normally visited which closed down 1-2 years ago. I only found it out last time when I arrived that building. As a result, I need to look around based on the ads in Hobby Japan. However, not that many toy shops carry a lot 1/144 stuffs. The only one I found had many stuffs is a big toy shop near the UENO station. Does anyone know where is the best place to hunt for 1/144 kits or garage kits in Tokyo?

robert k said...

Last time I walk in Tokyo was in 1997... but a friend told me the Yellow sub..of Shinjuku closed..
So the biggest shop is Leonardo? at Akihabara?
I also like the Tokyu hands of Shibuya...

wtmblogger said...

When I went there in 2000, the Shinjuku yellow submarine (the one with 2 floors, one sold regular models and the other one sold wargame stuffs.) still opened but when I went again last year, it's closed. There were still a couple small shops in Shinjuku but not one stocked many 1/144 stuffs. The one I finally found near Ueno was pretty good as the whole building selling toys and games. There is a floor dedicated for trading kits. Problem is I normally stayed in Shinjuku so it's a long way to Ueno or Akihabara. You can't go there after work, only during the weekend.