Sunday, February 26, 2006

Over 2000 hits!!


since January 2006
Over 2000 hits!!
your No.1 Stop for 1/144


wtmblogger said...

Hope you don't mind but it seems your counter is inflated. After I have read a comment, the counter increased by 1. It seems you pick page hits so if I switched back and forth between comment and main page 10 times, it counts 10 visits but it's not true. I think a better way is to use unique visitor which a same user visit your site within a certain period still count as 1. Just me 2 cents.

bluedonkey99 said...


thats interesting - it would explain why there has been a huge leap in the last week !

The setting on stats counter are set to track "unique" visits within 2hrs, so this should not be happening.
obviosuly I wish the stats to be as accurate as possible too!
maybe there is an issue at "stats counter"?

There is a problem if the browser does not have cookies enabled and then each page refresh is classed as unique.

if you turn off cookies this happens on WTMblog - also?
i have turned my cookies off - you should see a rush of visits from britain as a result?

As long as people keep coming to both our sites that is the main thing I am worried about, wether it is 10 people or 10,000 is not here or there - as long as people come and enjoy and we get feedback and 1/144 is popularised then we all win !

Thanks for the feedback

wtmblogger said...

Good point. I turned off my cookies as I have a lot of pop-up coming from nowhere recently. In fact, I admire what you have done so far, as I think you have put a lot of time to maintain the sites (probably mouch more than I do). I do it myself so I know how much effort you have put in. Great job. Don't give up.