Saturday, February 25, 2006

1/144 Jagdpanzer - MicroArmour

Wow, at last - colour photo's of the series!!
including an unusal specual, not just specuial paint - but a special version!!

already I can see that the special will be easy to turn into a BERGEHETZER!!!

the special is the SIG version of the hetzer!

this is a good hetzer site:

see some pics here below;
what is remarkable is the complete lack of any room in the thing!

also - if you remember.... weeks back there was discussion on the colour of fire equipment! - there is a red one here, although its hard to say if its authentic?

more images available from this link!


robert k said...

OH..I like this one..Hetzers and stugs are one of Favorites on WTM series...

wtmblogger said...

I'm still waiting for Stugs. Hope no more delay as now the release date is May. Hetzer and Jagdpanzer are ok but I'm not too exiting as they were released before (twice for the Jagdpanzer IV from Popy and WTM).