Saturday, February 25, 2006

1/144 CafeReo Vol1 pt 2 (Betty)

New CafeReo range of "Larger" 1/144 items... a number of items have been shown so far... will there be more????????

only 600Yen!!

Robert-K points out this is a late version that carried the OKA...

the following is company that sells 1/144 OKA in metal kits:
I have bought some kits from this place and they are quite nice, I havent built them yet...
maybe I could do a review in the next week?

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Anonymous said...

This Betty is a later model.. with antena dorsal turret and 4 bladed close to version who carried th Okha so a special item could be the flying bomb carrier...
The kits of IMAI/HAsegawa are had 3 bladed propelers..and is a earlier type..
B-24s.. are good..
Let´s wait for a so desired...B-17.. or a decent Ju-88(bombers,and C/G nightfigthers)... He-111 ..with these 3 .. I can say I will be much happy!!!